There has been strong growth in the construction sector in Iraq over the past few years. The population growth due to migration alone has been estimated at 4.5% in Erbil and 9.4% in Suleymaniah. Consequently, there is an immediate need for infrastructure in the region. There is a need for hospitals, schools, housing, residences, and other institutions in the areas where housing and businesses are rapidly expanding. Relatively Iraq's current reconstruction has created a huge demand for furniture and decoration goods.

As the economic conditions in Iraq improve, more people can buy imported products, including furniture, home textile and decoration items. Large imported furniture shops can be found throughout Iraq especially in Erbil.
• FURNEXPO is a must attend trade fair for any company looking to expand existing business in the Region or enter this booming market to explore new business opportunities.
Erbil will host Iraq’s major Furniture, Home Textile and Carpet sector trade fair as the country’s demand for these sectors continue to grow.
Approximately 1 million new houses will need to be constructed annually over the next 10 years to satisfy the current demand for new or improved housing in existing households. To maintain the furniture needs of these new houses FURNEXPO is the best place to show your latest products and services in the local and international market to meet the potential buyers.
• FURNEXPO is the biggest international trade fair for Furniture, HomeTextile and Carpet organized in the Region. Being the largest trade fair open to the public, FURNEXPO has recorded a high attendance with more than 11.600 visitors in 4 day- event, therefore making it the best platform for exhibitors to display their products and introduce their brands to the professionals and the public. The direct contact between the exhibitors and the consumer is the most powerful means to build long-term trade relations and broaden export frontiers to the booming Iraqi market.